Monday, 26 March 2012

Why we love Bucaramanga

Hola a todos!!  Welcome to our first blog post.  

This blog is written by the owners and staff of Kasa Guane Backpackers Hostel in Bucaramanga, Colombia. We all love living in Bucaramanga and want to share the reasons why with as many people as possible. Check out the about us section for more info on who we are and what we do. But for now our aim for this blog is to provide good quality and up to date information about everything that's happening in 'La cuidad bonita' and it's stunning surroundings.

We are going to give you info on parties, art, culture, hikes/countryside, events and activities, deals and promotions. Basically whatevers worth seeing in town were going to post it and combined with as many pics, videos and links as possible we hope that this blog will be your one stop site for ensuring that you get the most out of your stay in Bucaramanga. 

That's not all though. We also want to build this blog into a resource of wider information about travelling and living in Colombia. At Kasa Guane we all love to travel and between us have covered a decent part of this beautiful country.

Over time we're going to put up pictures and info about all the places we have been so if your sitting at home thinking about coming over here or you already here and want quality info on the best places to go (and believe us there are tons) bookmark us and get your Colombia travel tips straight from the people who are living and travelling here right now. 

We are also going to build a section on the blog about moving to Colombia to live and set up a business. We know lots of extranjeros that have either moved over here or are wanting to live here after falling in love with the place while travelling.  We did the same and as 2 English guys have just been through the process of saying 'chao' to the cold and rain and making the move to live here full time. It's not been easy but if you have a bit of info it can definitely help smooth things along.

Coming soon will be step by step processes of getting visas, cedulas, bank accounts, health care, setting up a company, taxes, employment contracts and everything else that comes with getting set up to live and do business in Colombia. 

So welcome to Kasa Guane's brand spanking new blog. We aim to post at least once a week so bear with us and keep checking for updates but from today we'll be starting work on building this up into one of the most up to date and extensive resources on living in Bucaramanga and travelling across Santander and Colombia.

We want you to be involved in the content of this blog too. So please feel free to post any comments or content that you have. Also if you have any questions, fire away, and we will be more than happy to get back to you as soon as we can. 

Gracias y saludos de todos aqui @ Kasa Guane.         

Next post; coming soon is a Mesa de Los Santos special. All the best spots on the Bucaramanga side of the Chicamocha Canyon. This place really is special, breathtaking views, incredible star scapes and unbelievable full moons, Colombia's newest national park is a must see for anyone coming to Colombia. 

We're gonna tell you everything from how to get there, where to eat and drink, the best (and worst) activities, secret spots, ancient hiking routes, the best look out points and loads more. So keep an eye out for more from Kasa Guane very soon.  

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  1. Hola Kasa guane, soy bumangués y mi esposa es Rusa vamos para Colombia en Octubre y estamos encantados de haberlos encontrado; chevere si suben cosillas recientes, Saludos